The new website of Yeşilay, which continues its fight against addictions and is at the forefront of its efforts to protect individuals from all harmful habits worldwide, is published.

Renewed Experience

Yeşilay informed us of the need to renew its website during the 100th years of its struggle against addictions. So, we set out to build the site on a very strong information architecture and maximise the user experience. Instead of long texts, we aimed to get users to what they are looking for quickly with the use of more catchy animated icons, while also providing users with an experience that does not bother them with the very spacious structure of the site. One of our biggest goals was to create a site where Yeşilay could easily present its works to the world and would not need to be renewed for a long time thanks to our modern design solutions that are suitable for current trends. In this way, we have created a web site that allows easy access to all of Yeşilay's projects, publications, visual and video of the organized organizations, and souvenirs from Yeşilay Market. You can also visit Yeşilay's renewed website by visiting and become a partner in this experience.