While renovating the Sütaş website, our goal was to create a website where users can easily consume the rich content of Sütaş, reach the desired quickly, increase the user experience to a better level, and host an infrastructure within the framework of the visual world and modern technologies in accordance with current design trends.

First of all, we started with the strategy phase. By restructuring the information architecture, we have introduced a new information architecture that will provide convenience to users.

Then we continued our stages with the evaluation of the design approach. We have taken over the interface of the site and adapted it to today's trends by bringing modern solutions to the website, which is lagging behind the current trends nowadays, when trends are updated frequently. We have covered the visual world of Sütaş with an illustrative design approach. Our designers have prepared special illustrations suitable for the brand, subject and concept and have created an illustrative world exclusive to Sütaş. At the same time, we have made our designs more dynamic with our animation uses. In this way, we have created an experience that attracts users to the website and allows them to get more information about the product or service. While preparing the designs, we performed our correction and editing operations on the desired image using the Retouch technique. We have created strong color tones, contrast and shadow differences by displaying more color usage in the visuals.Taking advantage of the Optimistic Design trend, we have prepared visuals that convey design messages that give confidence and encouragement to users.

For us, it was very important for users to enjoy browsing the website. We have added creative micro-interactions with small touches to the website. In this way, we have given users a sense of curiosity about the next step and aimed for users to have a pleasant experience in the Sütaş world we have created. We have designed the texts on the website in a structure that is both suitable for the concept and at the highest level of readability.

Finally, we have completed our coding processes for the smooth and fast operation of the website. Now we have also developed an interface suitable for all web-based devices for the responsive structure, which is one of the indispensable ones of today. We have launched the Sütaş website, which has successfully passed all the tests we have done.