Focused On User Experience

Opet Fuchs, the brand of automotive and industrial lubricants and auto care products of Opet, was in need of updating its website. We have also implemented a brand new Opet Fuchs website with a modern design and a user-friendly interface.

Nowadays, it is very important that the user experience is at a high level. That's why we started with UX studies first. We conducted interviews with the personas, received their feedback, and then revealed the behavior, needs and motivations of the users along with our observations and analyzes. We have created user-friendly interface designs to ensure that the user can reach the content they are looking for in the fastest way. Navigation was also very important in terms of user experience. We have designed the navigation in a structure where users can reach the detail pages in the fastest way. Products, all services, the most appropriate oil suggestions, career opportunities, employee experience and human resources applications can now be accessed very quickly and easily from the menu. On the “Choose fullmatch Oil” page that we have set up, users can discover the most suitable oil recommendations for their vehicles. Thanks to the Mineral Oil Academy page, it is quite simple to access all the technical details you are interested in. After revealing the designs, we continued the process with the software stage. Finally, we have published the Opet Fuchs website, which we have subjected to tests and received successful results from all of them.

Thanks to its renewed modern design, Opet Fuchs website offers an enjoyable experience, you can explore the website by visiting at