Gümüşsuyu Halı

Gümüşsuyu Halı, one of the largest carpet manufacturers in Turkey and the world, wanted to renew its corporate website and renew its website by creating an e-commerce channel. As Pixelplus, we have developed two different platforms that offer corporate and e-commerce experience to meet this need.

First, we started with a strategy development step that suits two different target groups. Our main goal was to appeal to dealers with the corporate site and to the end user with the e-commerce site. In this direction, we have prepared information architectures on both sites with the goal of fast delivery to what the user is looking for. After the information architecture, we quickly switched to the UX and UI design process. In this process, we have developed our design solutions to primarily direct the user to purchase from the corporate site. We placed "Purchase" buttons on the product detail pages on the corporate site and directed them to the equivalent of the same product on the e-commerce site, and then allowed the user to take the purchase action at that time. In this way, we have established a bridge between the corporate site, where products and brands can be examined in detail, and the e-commerce site that serves the end user's shopping, ensuring that the purchase process is carried out in a healthy way. At the same time, we have taken care to prepare the e-commerce site in a structure that encourages the user to shop. We have created cross-selling areas, healthy category structure, "my favorites area" where the user can add the products they like and obvious product price advantages, color and size variant areas of the products so that the user can have a pleasant shopping experience. We have created our UX and UI designs in line with our strategy by designing all streams from product presented screens to payment completed screens, from basket steps to cargo steps as a whole. We also aimed to maximize this experience with additional forms and new features such as "find a store" that we have added. After the design, we continued with the software process. We have developed a fully mobile-compatible interface for the responsive structure, which is now indispensable today, while continuing our coding processes for smooth and fast operation of both sites. We have created an infrastructure where we have pulled all the data belonging to the products from PCM, which is the brand's own Product Content Manager system, where both sites are fed through the same channel and the sites talk to each other.

Finally, we have published two websites that have successfully passed all the tests that we have done.

You can visit the Gümüşsuyu Corporate website and Gümüşsuyu E-Commerce website at www.gumussuyu.com.tr, which gives the user a very different experience and is unique.