Garanti BBVA POS

Garantili İşler website, a platform where member businesses with Garanti BBVA could follow transactions passing through Garanti BBVA POS much more closely, identify their own POS campaigns and request products, now needed change. As Pixelplus, we have implemented the new Garanti BBVA POS website.

First, we discussed the interface of the site. The website was quite far from today's trends. By bringing a modern solution to this problem, we have adapted the website we have renewed to today's trends and given it a whole new face. For us, it was very important to encourage the user to spend time on the site. Part-by-part with our use of CTA and other interaction methods, we aimed to allow the user to spend more time and interact on the site. We aimed to enable the user to find answers to their own questions and wishes during the decision-making stages while scripting the experience we have renewed. We have created areas where the user can easily see Garanti BBVA POS products, product details, product comparison options and the advantages they provide. In this way, it is now very easy to understand which product to buy and what benefit the product will provide to KOBİ member businesses. We also needed to emphasize that there are options that make Garanti BBVA POS strong and different. Therefore, we took care to showcase the payment experiences offered as much as possible both on the homepage and on the detail pages. At the design stage, we created our visual uses by establishing as much vector and lifestyle balance as possible. In addition, we have integrated the corporate identity into the revamped interface, ensuring a renewal that is not disconnected from the Garanti BBVA brand. We adapted the existing log-in structure to our concept study in accordance with the UX structure. In this way, we aimed to bring brand awareness to the forefront more. We have provided a refreshment with our minimal touches by passing all the areas we are involved in through a filter. Finally, we have completed the software stages of the Garanti BBVA POS website and have published a new site that has received successful results from all tests.

We guarantee that we have completely renewed the user experience you can visit the BBVA POS website at and you can be a partner in this experience.