AK Investment Warrant

A basis such as AK Investment stocks, indices, commodities, financial investment instruments that give the right to buy or sell the asset at a certain price at a certain maturity date, has conveyed to us the demand for microsite for Warrant. We responded to this request by creating AK Investment Warrant microsite, which is completely user-friendly.

First, we aimed to be able to tell users about Warrant very well. Then we enabled users who recognized Warrant to easily compare Warrant, track the Warrant and track the market values. In particular, in the field of Warrant tracking, we have provided users with direct access to rising and falling warrants by using two separate tab structures. Microsite, which we have created in a responsive structure, offers great convenience for investors in terms of instant market tracking from mobile. You can also visit the AK Investment Warrant microsite, which we have created completely from the beginning in accordance with the corporate identity of AK Investment, at varant.akyatirim.com.tr.